United of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha has a variety of products available including Final Expense, Term, Annuities, UL, GUL, Children's WL, Whole Life, Medicare Supplement, Disability and Long Term Care.


Final Expense can be written with an e-application using an electronic signature by the customer. Limited products available in NY. EFT payments only.

Final Expense Products

Term Products

Final Expense:

Level Benefit:

Not Available in CA

i-Go e-Application not available in CA, CT, PR, and VI

Ages 45 to 85

Minimum $2,000

Maximum $40,000


Accererated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness or Nursing Home Confinement included at no extra cost. 


Optional Rider: Accidental Death Benefit


Graded Benefit:

Not Available in AR, CA, MT, NC, WA

Ages 45 to 80

Minimum $2,000

Maximum $20,000

2-Year Graded Plan


Random phone interviews on both products.

Children's WL

i-Go e-App Available

Ages 14 days to 25 Years

Minimum $5,000

Maximum $30,000

Policy Guaranteed to Age 100

Additional Coverage Available in future with no evidence of insurability

Accidental Death stand-alone

UL & GUL Products

Companion Life-NY

Term Products:

Term Life Answers:

Not in NY, PR, VI

Speed e-Ticket: Only with Term Life Answers

Complete short questionnaire and 3rd party conducts health interviews, gathers needed signatures, and submits it to Mutual of Omaha for you.

Term Durations 10, 15, 20, and 30 Years

Term 10-Ages 18 to 80. Tobacco to Age 75

Term 15-Ages 18 to 74. Tobacco to Age 70

Term 20-Ages 18 to 86. Tobacco to Age 65

Term 30-Ages 18 to 55. Tobacco to Age 50

Face Amounts $100,000 to 1M Increments

Accelerated DB for Terminal Illness included 

Other Optional Riders:


Waiver of Premium

Dependent Children Rider

Disability Waiver of Premium


Term Life Express:

Term Durations 15, 20 , and 30 Years

ROP options available

Minimum Amoutn $25,000

Maximum Amount $400,000

Ages 18 to 65. Vary on Duration of Term

Extensive Riders Available

Other Products:

Universal Life-Indexed, Current Assumption, and Guaranteed

Group Universal Life

Long Term Care


Critically Illness