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United of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is one of the very few carriers that have a A+ rating with A.M. Best Company and S&P Global.


They have a variety of Simplified Issue Life products available that does not require E&O insurance including Final Expense, Term Life Express, Index Universal Life Express, and a Children's WL.

United of Omaha also has numerous riders for their simple issue products.  

For final expense, this company is great for an agent who meets their clients face to face and likes to write a paper application. The telephone interview is optional.  During the phone interview, they will give you a decision of approval or not.

This company has very competitive rates for their graded product and will accept more conditions than many carriers.  


Living Promise Final Expense:

Level Benefit:

Ages 45-85

Face Amount $2,000-$40,000

i-Go e-Application not available in CA, CT, PR, and VI

i-Go e-app with electronic signatures required.


Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness or Nursing Home Confinement included at no extra cost. 


Optional Rider: Accidental Death Benefit


Graded Benefit:

Not Available in AR, CA, MT, NC, WA

Ages 45 to 80

Face Amount $2,000-$20,000

i-Go e-app with electronic signatures required.

Standard-no tobacco distinction

2-Year Graded Plan


Random phone interviews on both products.

Children's WL

Ages 14 days to 17 Years

Face Amount $5,000-$50,000

Standard underwriting

Children and Grandchildren

Policy Guaranteed to Age 100

Additional Coverage Available in future with no evidence of insurability

i-Go e-app with electronic signatures required.

Guaranteed Advantage Accidental Death

Ages 18-70

Face Amount $50,000-$500,000

Guaranteed Issue underwriting

Return of Premium Benefit Rider

Policy renewable to age 80

Term Products:

Term Life Express:

Term Durations 10,15, 20 , and 30 Years

Non-ROP and ROP available

Minimum Amount $25,000

Maximum Amount $300,000

Ages 18 to 60. 


Living Benefits (Terminal, Chronic, and Critiical Illness)

Accelerated Death Benefit (Terminal Illness)

Residential Damage Waiver of Premium

Waiver of Premium for Unemployment

Common Carrier Death Benefit Provision

Accidental Death Benefit

Dependent Children

Disability Income

Disability Waiver of Premium

Convertible after policy year two 

Indexed Universal Life Express

Ages 18-70
Simple Issue
Face Amounts:
$25,000-$300,000 Ages 18 to 50  
$25,000-$250,000 Ages 51-60
$25,000-$150,000 Ages 61-65 (tobacco)
$25,000-$150,000 Ages 61-70 (non-tobacco)

Guaranteed Interest Rate: 2% on fixed accounts

Standard Loan and Index Loans
3 Index Credit Strategies


Riders Included in policy:
Lapse Guard

Guaranteed Insurability 

Waiver of Surrender Charges for Partial Withdrawals

Living Benefit for Terminal, Chronic, and Critical Illness

Other Riders:

Accidental Death Benefit

Disability Continuation of Planned Premium

Disability Waiver of Policy Charges

Dependent Children

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