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New Ringless Voicemail Lead Technology For Telesales Agents

UPDATE! These leads turned out to be a bust. We are no longer offering this lead option.

...Hello! Can you hear us now? No? Then leave us a message! just kidding, We're here, and we have some exciting news for you guys.

A New Lead Option!

Introducing New Ringless Voicemail Technology!

We have the inside scoop and we're working out the details now on how the new program will be implemented. But first let's talk details.

The technical side of things is that you don't need any technology. Data Monster our partner for this program does all of the hard work for you. Here is how it works.

1. The dialer starts calling the area/s you select.

2. Nothing Rings! It goes directly to their voice mail.

3. A voicemail message (we're working out the script now) will be left for the recipient of the voicemail. The message will give them a few options. Ex: Press one to be connected with an agent. Press two to be taken off of the calling list. Press three to be contacted via text message with more information. The choice is left up to the customer.

The estimated cost at this time is $150.00 for 12 hours of calls. The estimated return on investment is TBD at the moment. (*We will gather all of the extra info and get it our with our official announcement) All agents interested in this lead option contact us via the office email and we'll put you on the notification list! These agents will be the first to sign up!

What are you waiting for? Email us and get on the list and you'll never complain about not having people to talk to again. KD.

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