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Mind Blown | TransAmerica Faster Voice Signature Process

TransAmerica has some good news for you Med Supp agents out there. If 15 minutes felt too long before you're in luck because they've cut the process down to a whopping 5 minutes. Want to know what they had to say about everything? Here's what they had to say:


We're excited to announce a faster, easier voice signature process for the Medicare Supplement insurance e-App.We've heard your feedback, and have designed an efficient IVR system that reduces the average call time from 15 minutes down to just 5 minutes.Here are some things to keep in mind with the latest version of the voice signature for the e-App:•There is a new number to call when using the enhanced process. This number will appear on the e-App screen once you select the voice signature option.•Before you're able to complete and submit applications, clients will need to provide you with the 7-digit number they're assigned at the end of the voice signature process.•Before making the IVR call, please confirm clients have reviewed all forms in advance to ensure they can complete the voice signature process.•Instruct clients to listen to the full questions before selecting a keypad option.Transamerica is committed to ensuring a smooth process for your clients and business. To access the e-App visit the "Sales Tool" tab at and select "Launch E-App" under the e-App option.

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