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Avatar Leads Are Now... ILLEGAL

We have some extremely unfortunate news to report. Avatar leads have recently become, illegal. Yes we know, how sad. The benefit of purchasing these leads at an inexpensive price is now a thing of the past. The FTC decided that these types of leads were no longer legal.

Check out this Blog Post from AD Law Access on the update and why the FTC doesn't have to release an update for consumers. Shady right?

As a result of this we have since removed the avatar lead option from our website, so don't ask. It's gone forever. But we are currently working on a replacement lead source for you guys. We've discovered another internet lead company that we can offer to you guys and more details about that company will be coming soon. But the general idea is that you can either pay $30.00 for an exclusive lead, or $15.00 for a shared lead, shared up to 3 times. We will leave this decision to buy shared or exclusive up to the agents as we have never offered a shared lead before. But we still want to leave that option open if agents would prefer it. Stay tuned for more details.

We couldn't just hit you with bad news and leave like nothing ever happened so, here is the silver lining to all of this... We are officially contracted with Standard Life and are working them into our systems as we speak. Standard Life is an "in home health care" company! We are so excited about this new opportunity as it gives our dual licensed agents an upsell or alternative sale opportunity. It also gives your clients the opportunity to keep their loved ones in the home longer.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for details on the new lead options and our newest company, Standard Life!

Bye for now!

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