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Are You Up On Our Website Yet?

Revised- We will not be offering this opportunity at this time. once we get a bigger list of interested agents, the "Our Agents" page may return to our website. If you're interested email Laura and ask her to add you to the list of interested agents.

Establishing yourself in 2017 is kinda hard if you don't have a fully optimized website. We've solved that problem for you. On our official Golden Heritage Insurance website we have a tab that showcases some of our agents. The website is fully optimized for mobile, which accounts for about 50% of traffic in today's society. The site is also advertised on Google so your will gain exposure on the web, and hopefully free leads.

To take full advantage of the placement on the web we have a few recommendations. One, get business cards made that have the official website address printed on them. That way when clients visit the site they will see you up on the internet looking all fancy! Here is the official website address --> Put the offical site on all of your marketing materials. You're promoting yourself now. Be sure to change your voicemail greeting to something like " Hi, you've reached ______ with Golden Heritage Insurance...". This will completely clear up any confusion on who you are, and who you represent. Golden Heritage Insurance already has a 26 year reputation, why not use it?

Here is what we'll need if you would like to be listed on our website:

A high resolution photo of you against an all white background. Please be sure that there is nothing in the photo behind you. Please wear a collared shirt or a nice blouse that is not white. Or you'll look like a floating head. LOL One more thing, we're going to need a short paragraph about you and your main goals for you clients. You can see examples by checking out the Agents who are already up on our site. There is a one time only fee associated with the placement on the website. it's a $25 fee payable by check or PayPal. That's it. Are you ready to go up on our site now? Contact Laura for more details on this opportunity. Now that you got the details what are you waiting for ?

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