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Kemper's Got E-App

April is almost over now and the year is flying by. Spring is in full swing, those of us with hay fever have really noticed. Besides allergies good things have been happening left and right and we have some exciting news to announce today about Kemper. E applications are now available with Kemper! Here's the rundown, any agent that is in active or applied agent status, has completed the initial agent contracting, and has been assigned a writing number can use the new E-App to process an application. Heads up for re-contracting agents, you need to have completed the applications forms and been re-issued your agent number first.

Kemper set up the console to automatically generate the required forms for you based on the applicants demographics and the product selections you made. There are different signature options available for you and your clients:

Text message- PIN will be sent to your clients phone via text message with a link and instructions on how to apply the PIN in place of a signature.

E-mail- Email will be sent to your client containing a PIN and contains a link with instructions on how to apply the PIN in place of a signature.

Voice signature- When this option is selected an email is received at the home office. they will call your client and verify them. They will verify the PIN. The completed application will display the phrase "signed by voice" where the signature would be.

That's it. Simple right? Well if you still have questions you could check the FAQ sheet.

If you aren't contracted with Kemper and you want to become and agent with them contact us here:

Until next time, KD.

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