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March Maddness

March was crazy!

So many good things have happened for us in March. We've been working on a lot of secret projects that we recently finished. Did you notice that we recently updated our marketing and our social media? Our biggest improvement is our brand new website! Ready for an added bonus, we built a site for you guys too! But you already knew that because you're reading the new blog. By now you've noticed the "Agent Portal button" too, the agent portal is already in the works, and we'll let you know when it's done. Oh, I can't forget that we officially endorsed our social media in March. We kept our Facebook page in the testing stages for a few months before we perfected it. Have you stopped by our Facebook page and left us a review? If not you should stop by and do that after you read this post.

So I bet you're wondering how business progressing and if we are growing? Glad you asked... Business is astounding right now! We are so excited to report that we have had record break production this month and it's all thanks to you guys. Our Managing General Agents have been working their butts off, and we noticed. We would like to extend a special thanks to the following groups:

Patriot Insurance Group

Senior Security Solutions

Pure Life

Your agencies went above and beyond and had record breaking sales this month. We are so happy to be working with all of you. We wish you and your agents all the best and we can't wait to see what next month holds. Good luck to you and your agencies.

We did not forget our independent agents, you guys have been rocking it on your own and we are so proud of you! You guys (and girls) have been kicking butt and taking names. Speaking of names...

Jeremy P.

John S.

Mike S.

Oraine M.

Randy J.

Carlene L.

All of the these agent's had record breaking production this month. Good Job! We are so proud of you guys! Since we've been expanding we had several new members come on board this month. If your new here welcome to our team. You probably have questions like "Is it easy to write business when you first start out"? You should ask.

Komi A.

Myra P.

Peter Y.

Randy J.

Stephen D.

Carlene L.

Curtis M.

Elijah M.

Jaric S.

Jeff G.

All of these guys just wrote your first app with us this month! Congratulations everyone! Don't forget you can call us or your individual insurance companies for help when you need it. Between us and them, we'll get your questions answered.

March has been a crazy month, but in a good way. Continue to grow with us, and get your clients the most amount of coverage for the least amount of money. To stay updated for the latest in Golden Heritage Insurance News this blog is going to be your go to place. You can also connect with us on social media.

Until next time, K.D

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