Security National

Security National offers Whole Life products, MIB plan, and Annuities.  This is a field sales company requiring wet signatures. E & O not required. No phone interviews for Simple Security Plans unless verification is needed. Their Guarantee Issue product goes from 0-85 and Preferred and Standard plans go to ages 40 to 90.

MIB Plan (Monthly Increasing Benefit): This is a 3-question quarantee issue product. Payor will not pay more than the Ultimate death benefit. Questions include if they are currently in the hospital, ever tested positive for HIV/AIDS, and if end stages of a Terminal illness.


COD business including credit/debit cards are allowed.  When a credit/debit care is used for cash with application, the direct bill premium rate applies. 

Security National will still advance 30% on Direct Express cards. One of the few companies you still offer that option.

Applications are only accepted by document upload throught the company site, or by hard copy mail. They will not accept faxed or emailed applications.

Final Expense:

Not Available in  AK, CT, DE, ME, MA, MT, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, SD, VT, WA

No telephone interviews required on Simplified Life plans.

Simple Security Plan:

Ages 40 to 90

Minimum Amount $2,500

Maximum Amount:

40-75 $35,000

76 to 80 $15,000

81 to 90 $10,000

Preferred Plan and Standard Plan( Insulin Diabetics)

2-Year Graded Plans for Ages 40-85

No Phone Interviews


Security Car Plan: Funeral Plan

Very Simple application

Only Available in AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, GA,


Ages 0 to 85

Minimum Amount $1,000

Maximum Amount $15,000

2-Level Classes 

3-Year Graded Plan

More Liberal Height and Weight chart

10-Pay, 20-Pay, and Lifetime options

Child Rider

Phone Interview if verification is needed

ADB Rider

Child Rider




MIB (Monthly Increasing Benefit):

Ages 0-85

Minimum Amount: $1,200

Maximum Amont: $10,000

Guarantee Issue=3-year modified

Has 3 Knock-out questions.

Paid-Up 3,5, and 10 year plans. If person dies before the policy is paid-up, premiums plus a "bump" interest is paid back.  

Insured nevers pays more than the policy is worth.

ADB covered at full face amount immediately.


Preferred WL

Ages 25 to 70

Minimum Amount $ 25,000

Maximum Amount $500,000

For Healthy Individuals

No Medical Exam up to $95,000



ADB (base amount $50,000

Child Rider

Family Plan

Waiver of Premium (expires age 65)