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Security National Life

With this carrier, you have everything you need, except a true guarantee issue product.


This is a great company to work with. Quick appointment, great training, awesome incentive programs, yearly trip qualifications, easy application, easy phone interview for telesales, great underwriting, and they have a lead program  where telemarketer leads are $7 and live transfers are $16 per lead.  They offer direct mail, Facebook leads, telemarketer leads, and live transfers.  


Security National offers a multitude of plans to insure people from 40 to 90 years old. They have an accidental death rider and a child rider (not grandchildren) on the Simple Security plans.

Field Agents:  Security National Life offers a career side to all field agents that includes lead discounts and financing.  Business is paid on submission with more liberal underwriting. This is an amazing opportunity for agents that are ready to build a business and never have to worry about having leads and lead cost. Direct mail and SEO leads are used in this program.

The voice signature telesales application is an easy 10 minute interview. No MIB check. They verify prescriptions and banking information.

ITIN # accepted. They accept direct express, credit and debit cards.

MIB Plan (Monthly Increasing Benefit): This is a 4-question guarantee issue product. Payor will not pay more than the Ultimate death benefit. Questions include if they are currently in the hospital, ever tested positive for HIV/AIDS, if in end stages of a Terminal illness, or currently have cancer.

Final Expense:

Not Available in  AK, CT, DE, ME, MA, MT, NH, NJ, NY, NC, RI, SD, VT, WA

Simple Security Plan:

Ages 40 to 90

Minimum Amount $2,500

Maximum Amount:

40-75 $35,000

76 to 80 $15,000

81 to 90 $10,000

Preferred and Standard Plan( Insulin Diabetics)

2-Year Graded Plans for Ages 40-85

Security Care Plan:

For insulin dependent diabetics only

Ages 0-85

Minimum Amount: $1,000

Maximum Amount: $15,000

3 Plans:

Day-1 coverage-Select and Special plans. 3-yr modified-Limited plan

Payments: for live, 10-yr and 20 yr paid-up. 

No Non-smoker/smoker rates

Male/Female rates the same

Ht/Wt chart more lenient than Simple Security plan





MIB (Monthly Increasing Benefit):

Ages 0-85

Minimum Amount: $1,200

Maximum Amont: $10,000

Guarantee Issue=3-year modified

Has 3 Knock-out questions.

Paid-Up 3,5, and 10 year plans. If person dies before the policy is paid-up, premiums plus a "bump" interest is paid back.  

Insured nevers pays more than the policy is worth.

ADB covered at full face amount immediately.

iCare Plan: Whole Life

Ages 25-70

Maximum coverage $35,000

Best for clients ages 25 to 39

Have be healthy with few medications

Simple Underwriting

Annuity: 6 years at 3% interest (can fluctuate)

Minimum 1st payment is $75.00

Client chooses monthly investment.

Good option for clients Ages 85 to 90 or those who can not qualify for an other plan due to health issues.

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