Royal Neighbors

Royal Neighbors offers Final Expense, their new JETerm, Annuities, Whole Life, and Universal Life products. E & O is required. Royal Neighbors policyholders become members of Royal Neighbors with membership benefits. The benefits include Health and Wellness discounts, Fraternal Aid, Nation Of Neighbors program, Legal Services and Retail benefits, membership magazine, They also offer multiple scholarships for students.


Royal Neighbors is a field sales company only. They do have a voice signature process for their simple issue and graded death benefit for Final Expense plans that can be utilized while you are in the home with the client. Voice signature is available on Saturday 8am to 2pm Central time.

RNA requires their agents to have an agent number before writing business.

Not available in AK, AL, HI, LA, MA, NH, NY

Final Expense:

Simplified Issue:

Ages 50 to 80

Minimum Amount: $5,000

Maximum Amount: $25,000

Underwritten via Telephone interview at Point of Sale


Graded Death Benefit:

Ages 50 to 80

Minimum Amount $5,000 

Maximum Amount $10,000

3-Year Graded


Accelerated Living Benefit Rider: Available for Simplified and Graded plans.

Benefit includes Chronic Illness, Critical Illness, and Terminal Illness


Ages 25 to 60

Amount $50,000 to Maximum $5M

Cost-effective coverage for 15,20, 30 yrs

Not reviewed by an underwriter if within the non-med limits

Available Riders:

Total Disability Waiver of Premium

Accelerated Living Benefit

Accident Death Benefit

Cancer Waiver 

Child Term

Guaranteed Insurability

Universal Life:

Universal Life Cash Value:

Ages 0 to 85. Tobacco 16 to 75. Minimum Amount $50,000.

Universal Death Benefit:

Ages 0 to 75. Tobacco 18 to 75. Minimum Amount $50,000. Traditional and Preferred Loans Available.

All Riders Available on both Plans

Whole Life:

Essential Life:

Traditional WL, guaranteed death benfit, guaranteed cash value, non-medical underwriting at select ages and face amounts

Minimum Amount $25,000. Maximum subject to underwriting.

Payment Options:

Monthly- Ages 18 to 85. 

20-Pay-Ages 18 to 80. 

Paid Up age 65. Ages 18 to 60


Youth Essential WL:

Ages 0 to 17

Minimum Amount $10,000

Monthly and 20-Pay Available


Single Premium WL:

Ages 45 to 80

Minimum Amount $10,000

Maximum Amount: $200,000


Additional Riders Available with policies.


Single Premium:

Choice 3- Three, 3-Year Interest Rate Guarantee Periods.

Choice 5-Initial Rate Guaranteed for 5 Years

Choice 6-Interest Rate Guaranteed for 6 Years

SPIA-Non Qualified and IRA/Roth



Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity

Ages 16 to 75