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Liberty Banker's Life

Liberty Banker's Life is a great company for both face to face sales and phones sales.  They have their SIMPL Preferred, Standard, and Modified plans as well as their Liberty Legacy Single Premium Whole Life.


Liberty Banker's has  pre-check mobile application for face to face sales that will provide price quotes, all medication checker, and a risk assessment. It will also connect with your e-application and auto-fill it for you.


Liberty Banker's only accepts bank drafts.

Final Expense:

Not Available in CT, MA, MN, NH, NY, RI, VT

Posti Paperless Application. 3-Way point of sale interview.  MIB and Rx check.


Simple Preferred:

Ages 18 to 80

Minimum Amount $3,000

Maximum Amount $30,000

Minimum Premium $15.00




Simple Standard:

Ages 18 to 80

Minimum Amount $3,000

Maximum Amount: $30,000

Minimum Premium: $15.00




Modified WL:

3-year modified plan. the 4th year the death benefit is 100%.

Ages 40 to 80

Minimum $1,000

Maximum $20,000

First 3-Year 100% face amount if Accidental

100% Face year 4

105% Face year 5

110%  Face year 6 + thereafter


Flex 4:

Flex 4 is a non-participating whole life policy with a level death benefit guaranteed level premiums and cash values.  It allows the applicant to choose from 4 premium payment durations at the point of purchase.


Ages  0-17

Duration Choices:

Paid Up at age 100

Paid Up to age 70

20 Pay Life

10 Pay Life

Minimum Amount  $10,000

Maximum Amount $30,000


Single Premium WL:

Liberty Legacy is a SPWL insurance with a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cas values.  It is designed for use in the senior market for those desiring guaranteed values.


The death benefit is immediately greater than the first premium paid, crerating a larger benefit for beneficiaries.


Ages 50-80

Minimum Premium at all ages $20,000


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