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Lead Incentive Program/$8.00 SEO Leads/Commission Rank-Up 


With this incentive program, it is a culmination of all the business you do with us on a monthly basis.  You can use one specific company that you are appointed with through us to do all of your business or have multiple companies and earn your incentive bonus through the total AP of all the companies.

We will provide lead credit through the lead vendor you are using for leads. Earn $80 for every $1,000 of annual premium you write. 

You must have a 70% persistency in order to qualify for the lead credit program.

Amount of business per month:                                       Lead Credit

$1,000-$1,999=                                                                $80.00

$2,000-$2,999=                                                                $160.00

$3,000-$3,999=                                                                $240.00

$4,000-$4,999=                                                                $320.00

$5,000-$5,999=                                                                $400.00

$6,000-$6,999=                                                                $480.00

$7,000-$7,999=                                                                $560.00

$8,000-$8,999=                                                                $640.00

$9,000-$9,999=                                                                $720.00

$10,000+                                                                           $800.00

$8.00 SEO LEAD

The $8.00 SEO leads are exclusive and real-time leads that are sent directly to your inbox as soon as the customer fills out the form. We never resell leads.  Once you are given the lead, it is yours to re-contact as many times as you like.  

The SEO leads can be purchased for $8.00 with a minimum order of 40 per order.


We start all of our independent agents at 100% commission on the final expense product.  We do not have any minimum business requirements at this commission level.

If you would like to advance up and earn higher commissions as you write more business, we certainly agree you deserve it! 

You must have a 70% or higher persistency in order to qualify for this promotion.

Commission Level            Production Requirement       # of Approx Apps
100%                             No minimums
105%                              $5,000                                8 to 9 apps
*110%                            $10,000                              16 to 18 apps
**115%                          $15,000                              20+ apps


*Due to SNL's lower commission structure, the highest commission available is 110. 

**Once you qualify for the 110 commission with SNL or the 115 commission with all the other carriers, the lead incentive program is no longer available.

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