Digitial Lead Incentive Program

With this program, it is a culmination of all the business you do with us on a monthly basis.  You can use one specific company to do all of your business or have multiple companies and earn your incentive bonus through the total of all the companies.

We will pay for a percentage of your lead cost on a sliding scale based on the amount of business you do with us.

These leads are exclusive and are never resold to another agent.  Once you are given the lead, it is yours to re-contact as many times as you like.  

These leads are also available for direct purchase through our agency at $5.00 per lead.  You must be an appointed agent working with our agency to receive these leads.  For more information, please contact us.

Amount of business per month:                                       Lead Credit

$1,000-$1,999=                                                                $100.00

$2,000-$2,999=                                                                $200.00

$3,000-$3,999=                                                                $300.00

$4,000-$4,999=                                                                $400.00

$5,000-$5,999=                                                                $500.00

$6,000-$6,999=                                                                $600.00

$7,000-$7,999=                                                                $700.00

$8,000-$8,999=                                                                $800.00

$9,000-$9,999=                                                                $900.00

$10,000=                                                                          $1,000.00

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