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Kemper is a 2-year ROP guarantee issue product. No E & O is required. EFT payment option only.
Not Available in CA or NY.
Available in AK, DC, and HI
Pre-Appointment states: GA, MA, MT, PA, UT
Announcing Kemper's Electronic Policy Application Onboarding!
Agents are now able to complete new policy applications using their Electronic Policy Onboarding feature.
Signature Options:
There are three options for agents to use to obtain the customer's signature on the application. The following threee ways are automated options that use a PIN to validate the client's signature.


  • Text Message
  • Email Message
  • Voice Signature

Utilizing the Electronic Policy Onboarding will reduce the application processing time. If you are submitting your 1st application, it may take a day or two longer to complete the Just In Time appointment. After that, policy issuing should be seamless. 


The fourth option for submission is download the application and have the customer personally sign the application.

Smokers pay no more then non-smokers. Ages 40 to 80.
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