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Government Personnel Mutual Life (GPM)

Final Expense Product Map

Legacy Product Map

EstateBuilder Map

Term Map

Final Expense:

Not available in NY or NJ


Level Product:

Ages 50 to 85

Minimum Amount $3,000

Maximum Amount A


ges 50-80 $35,000

Maximum Amount Ages 81-85 $10,000


10-Pay Life for Ages 50 to 80

20-Pay Life for Ages 50-70



ADB and children's Insurance Rider


Graded Death Benefit WL:

A 3-year graded product. 

Ages 50-85

Minimum Amount $3,000

Maximum Amount Ages 50-80 $25,000

Maximum Amount Ages 81-85 $10,000


Modified Benefit WL:

Ages 50 to 80

Minimum Amount $3,000

Maximum Amount $10,000

Other Products:

Legacy WL:

20-Year Paid up option available

Ages 0-19 Minimum $10,000

Ages 20-49 Minimum $25,000

Ages 50-75 Minimum $50,000

Riders Available:

Additional Term,

Children's Insurance

Spouse Insurance

Additional Paid-Up Insurance


Waiver of Death Benefit

Waiver of Premium for Disability

Guarantee Purchase Option


Estate Builder WL for Children:

Ages 14 to 14 years. Face Amount doubles at age 18. Guaranteed Insurability Option is included up to $35,000 and increase option at various ages.

Minimum $5,000

Maximum $35,000


Secure-Protector Term:

10-Year Indeterminated Premium, Renewable Level Term to Age 70. Convertible through Age 60.

Minimum Amount $25,000

Maximum Amount $100,000

Renewable every 10 years. 

Maximum conversion age 60

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