Gerber is a Guarantee Issue product and also has their Grow-up Plan and College Plan. They have very competitive rates and all plans can be written over the phone and sent in by an e-application. They do accept credit cards and debit cards.  


You must have your E&O insurance to contract with this company.



New in 2018, Gerber will be coming out with renewals for years 2, 3, 4, and 5!  


Mobile Application Quotes for Smartphones and tablets are available.


Phone Sales Program:

Gerber is one of 3 companies we are promoting for our new phone sales initiative.  The other 2 companies are GPM Life and Liberty Banker's Life that are both voice signature recordings. If you want to learn more, please email us at .

Product Information:


Guarantee Issue:

This product is available in 49 states. Not available in MT. It is a two-year graded product.



Ages: 50-80


Minimum Coverage: $5,000

Maximum Coverage: $25,000


Grow-up Plan:

Available for children 14 days to 14 years old. Plan Doubles at age 18.


Coverage available up to $50,000

GI Product Details

Grow-up Product Details