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  • Can I strictly sell final expense telesales from my house?
    Yes! We have carriers that have the telesales process down to a science with lead programs so you will have calls coming in consistently.
  • What equipment will I need for telesales?
    You will need a computer or laptop with very good internet speed and a cell phone or a land line if your phone reception is not reliable. It would not be good business talking with someone who can't understand you because of poor reception.
  • Can I do both telesales and face-to-face sales?
    Yes. We have carriers that specialize in phone sales and we also have carriers that would be more beneficial if you are going out and sitting down with your customers. Give us a call and we can customize the carriers to fit your needs.
  • Can I do this part time in the evening?
    Yes. Your time commitment is up to you. You decide how much time you want to put in and how much money you want to make.
  • Will I sell final expense for Golden Heritage directly, or use other carriers.
    Golden Heritage Insurance is not an insurance carrier. We are an IMO. We are a nationwide marketing organization that represents the best carriers in the industry. Our agents are fully vested day one with each carrier they are appointed with and earn top commissions to build a successful business. We pride ourselves on being transparent and operating with integrity. No sales pitches or hidden agendas. Just straight answers to your questions.
  • Does GHI have any carriers that take Direct Express cards?
    Yes, we have a number of carriers who will take Direct Express cards. This type of payment will not give advances and with some carriers, there is a price increase.
  • Does GHI have any carriers that accept debit or credit cards?
    Yes. However, the persistency with card transactions are very low and most carriers do not pay advances on credit card business.
  • Once a policy is issued, how long does it take for me to get paid?
    We have carriers that pay daily and weekly. Please contact us about our carriers and we can customize your carriers to fit your needs.
  • When do residuals begin?
    Residual income starts the 2nd year the policy is on the books and can continue throughout the life of the policy as long as your customer pays their monthly premium. The percent paid depends on the number of years it is on the books. Residual income pays the most in the 1st through 5th year and then goes down between the 6th and 10th years. Most carriers will pay residual income through the 10th year and some will pay 1% for the life of the policy. Call us for more information.
  • What are policy advances?
    An advance is a loan paid to you once you have a policy issued from an insurance company. Some carriers pay when you submit a policy and some pay when the policy is issued. If the carrier pays when the policy is issued, you will be paid when the first premium is collected. If the carrier pays on submission, you will be paid faster but it is a higher risk that if the first payment does not go through, you will owe that money back to the carrier. If the policy lapses any time between the 1st and 12th month, you will owe the money back to the insurance company that has not been compensate for through your customers premium payments. For example, if you receive a 9 month advance and your customer only pays the first months premium, you will owe eight months of advance money back to the company. You will either physically owe this money back or it will be automatically taken out of your next advance on a new policy submitted or the carrier will take it from your monthly renewal income if you have a book of business with the carrier.
  • What is a captive agent?
    Some companies require their agents to be "captive." This means that agents do not have the ability to sell outside of that agency. It can also mean that the agency, not the insurance company, is paying the agent. The huge disadvantage to this is that, in most cases, the agency is keeping the agents residual income once the policies have been active for one year. This is a huge money-maker for the agency because they will be getting future earnings off of the business the agent wrote instead of the agent. Make sure you read agency agreements carefully.
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