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Equitable Life

Equitable Life and Casualty offers final expense products, cancer care, and medicare supplement. Equitable offers phone sales on their final expense products. If you are looking for a company that you can contract quickly, this is a great company to start with.  It is an online application with approval and writing number within 48 hours.


Once an agent, you have the ability to set-up your own Equitable landing page where your customers can go and fill out an application. This is a great way to build credibility and build trust with new prospects.

State and Product Chart

Final Expense:

Not Available in AR, FL, MT, or WA


Preferred Plan:

Same guidelines as the Standard plan if they answer no to all health questions and are within the height and weight perimeters.


Standard Plan:

Issue Ages: 50-80

Minimum Coverage: $2,000

Maximum Coverage: $30,000


Graded Plan:

Issue Ages: 50-75

Minimum Coverage: $2,000

Maximum Coverage: $10,000

This is a 3-year graded product


Other Products:
Available in WA: Cancer Care and EquiCash only.

CancerCare Plus:

The CancerCare+ Plan provides coverage in addition to other insurance; and the benefits are paid directly to the insured, to be used however they need them.



Should your client need care for less than a year, CareChoices allows them to get care where they want it or need it, and will be reimbursed  for  costs. CareChoices benefits are paid in cash directly to the insured, and will pay benefits to them in addition to Medicare or any other insurance coverage. Persons age 50 through 84 have the choice of two plans; Faculty Only Care and the Comprehensive Care Plan.



An insurance policy that pays the insured cash in the event of a covered hospitalization.

Short Stay Nursing Home Plan:

For applicatants 50 to age 84.

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