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Aetna/Accendo Final Expense

Aetna/Accendo final expense has it's perks. Many agents put this carrier in their portfolio because of the name recognition with CVS pharmacy.  They promote this product through their stores and people associate this product with the pharmacy they trust.


Their plans go from $2,000 up to $50,000 which is a little bit higher than most final expense carriers.

They, like Security National, go up to age 89 and have the options for a Preferred, Standard, and Modified plan.

The have Accelerated, Accidental, and Children Term Riders for level plans only.  NO ht/wt chart.  COPD could be written standard if the qualifications are met as well as Insulin can go preferred if the customer qualfies.

Telesales Agents: There is no phone interview so you can write this product 24/7.  This is also good for those clients who want to give their whole health history which may not benefit them in a phone interview.

This carrier does not accept dirct express and does not do True Social Security billing.  Customers need to have a checking or savings account. Premiums may be a little higher than other carriers.

Available in all states

No ht/wt chart

Final Expense:


Level Plans:

Minumum: $2,000

Issue Ages: 40-89

40-55 Maximum amount $50,000

56-65 Maximum amount $40,000

66-75 Maximum amount $30,000

76-89 Maximum amount $25,000

Accidental death has full benefit immediately.

Non-accidental death all policy years full benefit.



Accelerated Death Benefit

Accidental Death Rider

Children Rider-can include child, stepchild, grandchildren, legally adopted child, or great grandchild.  Maximum amount $10,000 through age 25.


Additional Cash Value Flexibility Options:

Reduced paid-up insurance

Extended term insurance

Automatic premium loan

Modified Plan:


Ages 40-75

Minimum: $2,000

Maximum: $25,000

Accidental Death immediate benefit

Non-accidental death=policy hears 1 and 2-110% of earned premium

Policy year 3=full bemefit

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