Our Insurance Companies

We represent the top Insurance Companies that offer the most beneficial products for our agents and their clients.  Many of the Insurance Companies we represent offer a variety of different products, so we recommend that you research each company, so that you gain a better understanding of what types of insurance each company provides.  


Americo's offers over the phone sales with a voice signature through their Eagle Premier series Final Expense Products. Payment option is EFT. 

Columbian Life

Columbian Life focuses on final expense.  Electronic applications are available, however the wet signature is still needed. Columbian Life is one of the easier insurance companies to get contracted with. If you have a small vector and your credit is good, this company will appoint you and also, in most cases, will give advances. Payment options EFT only.


Foresters Financial

Foresters is a fraternal company which means policy holders are members and the company offers members additional benefits and discounts. CT, LA, MA, NM, and PA are Fraternal States so agents must apply for a Fraternal License in addition to a Life license.



Gerber is a guarantee issue product with very  good rates. They also offer the Grow-up plan for infants into teen age years. They except credit cards and debit cards.  


Great Western

Great Western is a Guarantee Issue product that also has a child and grand-child optional rider.  No E & O is required. This product offers advances and renewals. It is also a great company in that if the customer answers the 3 questions on the application as "no" the policy turns into a full death benefit.


Liberty Banker's Life

Liberty Banker's Life SIMPL Standard and Modified WL, and Direct Express paying customers ages 40 to 80 can apply for a policy through the Telesales application process. This process is easy with no hard copy applications needed.  This company is a "JIT" company once your contract is received and the company has it on file. This company does not require E & O insurance.

Nassau Re

Nassau Re offers Final Expense, Term Life Express, and Annuities. Nassau Re requires an application with your contract.  If you are interested in writing with this company, Please call our office at 888-288-8512 option 2 and we will send you an agent writing kit. E-application and electronic signature application process with the Safe Harbor Term and Remembrance Final Expense Simple issue products.


Polish Roman Catholic Union of American offers, final expense, Whole Life, term and Annuities. No E&O is required for this company. Translators are available but you have to call ahead to schedule. 

Royal Neighbors

Royal Neighbors offers Final Expense, Annuities, Whole Life, and Universal Life products. E & O is required. Royal Neighbors policy holders become members of Royal Neighbors with membership benefits. The benefits include Health and Wellness discounts, Fraternal Aid, Nation Of Neighbors program, Legal Services and Retail benefits, membership magazine, They also offer multiple scholarships for students.


Security National

Security National offers Whole Life products, Guarantee Issue, and Annuities.  This is a field sales company requiring wet signatures. E & O not required. No phone interviews for Simple Security Plans unless verification is needed. 


Sentinel Life

Sentinel Life offers Final Expense, Annuities, and Medicare Supplement.  The offer quick e-application processing on all of their products.  The final expense  has voice capture signature with the POS interview. A 3-way call to verify script check and application questions and the application is processed.  No other actions are needed. 


TransAmerica offers Final Expense, Term Products, and Medicare Supplement. They do not require E & O coverage.  It has an E-application process that accepts electronic signatures.  No height and weight chart.  Accepts the Direct Express Card. 


United Home Life

United Home Life offers Whole Life and Term Life. E-applications are available. NO E & O is required. This company will accept monthly direct bill and offers a guarantee issue product.


United of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha has a variety of products available including Final Expense, Term, Annuities, UL, GUL, Children's WL, Whole Life, Medicare Supplement, Disability and Long Term Care.