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Our Insurance Companies

We focus on the senior market and the final expense product. 


There are so many carriers that have a final expense product.  When we add a carrier to our portfolio, you can be sure that we have looked at their commission structure, products, rates, and the application process. These four things have to be competitive so our agents are representing the best companies in the industry that supports their business growth and protects the customers they insure.


Some of the insurance companies we represent offer a variety of different senior life products such as term, whole life, and IUL coverage.  Most of them offer child and grand-child riders as well.


Our newest addition to our carrier list. With the name brand recoginition, it will definitely be a great way to lead into a conversation.  This carrier product is very similar to the Aetna/CVS application.  No ht/wt chart.  It has a level and modified plan and commissions stay the same for both products. Level plans are from 45-80 and modified plans are from 40-75. It has rolled out in 22 states and more states will be coming.  


This carrier goes from age 40-89 with no ht/wt chart. There is no phone interview for telesales so it can be written on weekends and evenings easily for those doing this busienss part-time.  Plans go from $2,000 to $50,000.  They are available in all states. They only take checking and saving accounts.

Columbian Life

Columbian Life offers final expense, whole life, and term.  Electronic applications are available, however the first application needs to be a wet signature. Columbian Life is one of the more lenient insurance carriers for small vectors or credit issues. You can take images of the application and upload them to the portal so no more faxing and easy submission. Payment options EFT only. 


Foresters Financial

Foresters is a fraternal company which means policy holders are members and the company offers members additional benefits and discounts. CT, LA, MA, NM, and PA are Fraternal States so agents must apply for a Fraternal License in addition to a Life license. You do need E&O to write final expense with this carrier.



Gerber has several products put is also has a true guarantee issue product with no health questions with very  good rates. However, the first application needs to be written in person before the e-application and phone sales are available. They also offer the following products: Simplified Senior Life up to $100,000, Grow-up/Juvenile plan, Accidental Death, College plan, Accident Protection, and WL. They except credit and direct express, however, they give an 8% to 16% discount for policy holders that use an ACH payment option.


Great Western

Great Western is a full-service final expense product with all 4 products available on the same application.  They also has a child and grand-child optional rider.  No E & O is required. This product offers advances and renewals. It is also a great company in that if the customer answers the 3 questions on the application as "no" the policy turns into a day-1 coverage policy.


Liberty Banker's Life

Liberty Banker's Life SIMPL Preferred, Standard and Modified WL. True Social Security billing. This carrier does both telesales and face to face sales very well. Paperless application and a 3-way call for MIB and Rx check for phone sales.  For face to face sales, agents can you the mobile applications that provides price quotes, all medication checker, and a risk assessment. This application will also connect with your e-application and auto-fill it. This company does not require E & O insurance.

Royal Neighbors

Royal Neighbors offers final expense, Jet WL, and JetTerm along with other products. For telesales agents, this is a great one.  Royal Neighbors takes the application for you. It is a 25 minutes interview. There is no application to send into the carrier. No ht/wt chart. True social security billing. Face to face sales require a phone internview at point of sale. 


Security National

Security National is final expense focused with a lead program built in for their agents who want to earn cash as they sell.  They insure people ages 40-90. They are not in NC. They take ITIN numbers and they accept direct express, credit and debit cards. They have a specific plan for insulin dependent people ages 0-85. For ages 25-70 they have the i-Care plan for the healthier customer with limited medications.


Sentinel Life

Sentinel Life offers Day-1 coverage plans including monthly premiums, single premiums, 10 and 20 pay plans, and Paid-Up plans.  They also have a 3-year modified final expense plan. There products can be sold face to face, e-application, or with a voice signature.  They offer quick e-application processing on all of their products.  Their e-application has a built-in rate calculator that will auto-generate premiums. Sentinel is very competitive with male smokers.


TransAmerica offers Final Expense, Trendsetter Term, and other products. They do not require

E & O coverage for the final expense and TrendSetter Term.  It has an E-application process that accepts electronic signatures.  They do not have a voice signature process. No height and weight chart and friendly for diabetic complications.  Their rates are very competitive. Accepts the Direct Express Card. 


United of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is an all-in-one company when it comes to products.  We focus mainly on their Final Expense, Term Express, Children's WL, and their Indexed Universal Life Express all are easy issue and does not require E&O insurance. They are one of the few A+ rated carriers. They have great rates but still require an e-signature for the phone sales applications.  For face to face, this is a great company to have. They have numerous riders already built into their Living Promise plans. 

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