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Columbian Financial Group

Columbian Life has their Dignified Choice final expense plans.  Classic Elite and Classic Select are full benefit policies. Classic Advantage is their Modified policy.

They also offer a simple issue whole life product designed for people who need a small face amount or need premiums collected. This product can be combined with their Dignified Choice products.

They have a Term product and also a Lifetime plan for the opportunity to convert policies to a permanent insurance.

Columbian Financial is one of the easier insurance companies to get contracted with. If you have a small vector and your credit is not good, this company will appoint you and also, in most cases, will give advances. Payment options EFT only.

This company has all products available in Spanish.


If you are interested in writing full time with Columbian Financial, they have a lead program you can take advantage of. This lead program lets you charge your leads to your commission account and it is paid down using a percent of your advances earned on each policy you write.  It helps with out-of-pocket costs.

Final Expense:

Not Available in AK, AL, MT, MS

First application must be face-to-face. Telesales there is no phone interview unless special circumstance.

Classic Elite & Classic Select:

Day-1 Coverage

Issue Ages: 

18-24  $5,000 -$25,000

25-44  $5,000-$35,000

45-80  $2,500-$35,000

81-85  $2,500-$25,000

Male/Female Classes


Classic Advantage:

2-year modified plan

Ages: 40-85

Minimum Coverage: $2,500

Maximum Coverage: $20,000

NY: Ages 50-75

Return of premium plus 6% interest for non-accidental death occuring within the first 2 policy years.


Accelerated Death Benefit

Accidental Death Benefit

Children (Grand-children) Term

Simple Security WL:

For those who need a small face amount of whole life or who need premiums collected (MDO).

Issue Ages:

0-49    $5,000-$15,000

50-85  $2,500-$15,000



Accidental Death

Children's Term Insurance (aka Grandchild)

Common Carrier Accidental Death

Primary Insured Term to Age 65

Other Insured Term to Age 65

Waiver of Premium

SafeShield Term:

A renewable level benefit term insurance with simplified issue underwriting. Level premiums for the initial 10,15,20, or 30 years.  After the initial level premium term period, the policy may be renewed at annual renewal premiums.

Issue Ages:

18-70 10-Year Term

18-70 15-Year Term

18-65 20-Year Term

18-55 30-Year Term

Issue Amounts:

Ages 18-55  $20,000-$350,000

Ages 56+     $20,000-$250,000

Conversions: Policy may be converted to a permanent plan without evidence of insurability after the second policy anniversary. 

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