Columbian Financial Group


 On Dignified Choice Final Expense get an approval before you ever leave the home.  To use The Risk Qualifier and Underwriting process you will need to use your cell phone or a computer with wi-fi. Signatures are still needed. Phone interviews are also done on the Elite or Select product.


Columbian Financial is one of the easier insurance companies to get contracted with. If you have a small vector and your credit is not good, this company will appoint you and also, in most cases, will give advances. Payment options EFT only.


If you are interested in writing full time with Columbian Financial, they have a lead program you can take advantage of. This lead program lets you charge your leads to your commission account and it is paid down using a percent of your advances earned on each policy you write.  It helps with out-of-pocket costs.


Columbian Financial now has their 2017 Final Expense products and lower rates in all states. 

Product Details & State Approvals

Final Expense:

Not Available in AK, AL, MT, MS and WA

New Product Overview:

Classic Elite and Classic Select:

Full benefit plans with simplified underwriting improvements over the current Dignified Choice I

Lower Premium Rates for the Elite Plan

Maximum Face Amount $35,000

Issues Ages: 25 to 80


Classic Advantage and Classic Security:

Graded benefit plans with simplified underwriting improvements over the current Dignified Choice II

Classic Advantage Maximum Face Amount $20,000

Classic Security offers Maximum Face Amount of $10,000 to Individuals who would be declined under the Dignified Choice II due to health issues.


Additional Rider: Accelerated Benefit Rider


Discontinuing Nursing Home Rider

Rider Options:


Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

Rider coverage is provided at no additional premium charge and remains in force for the duration of the policy.


Accidental Death Benefit Rider (Double Indemnity)

Doubles the death benefitfor accidental death of the insured.

Issue Ages 25-65


Children's' Term Insurance Rider

For Insured's child, grandchild, or great grandchild to age 25.

Children Issue Ages: 15 days-less than 19 yrs

Minimum Issue:  $2,500

Maximim Issue: $10,000

Maximum Number of Riders per Policy: 20


Waiver of Premium Due To Disability

Waives premium payments after 6 months of total continuous disability of the Insured. If occurs before age 60, premiums are waived as long as the insured is disabled.  If older then 60, waiver benefits cease at age 65.

Issue Ages: 25-55