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Americo's offers over the phone sales with a voice signature through their Eagle Premier series Final Expense Products. Payment option is EFT. 

Available States

Final Expense:


Eagle Premier:

Issue Ages: 50-85

Minumum: $2,000

Maximum: $30,000

State Availability:

Level: Not available in MN, MT, NY, PA, VT

Easy Issue/Guarantee Issue: Not available in AR, CA, MA, MN, MT, NY, PA, VT, WA. Coverage  up to $10,000 maximum.

Two-Year Graded Death Benefit: Not available IL, NH, NJ, WV



Accidental Death Benefit

Accidental Death Provision


Ultra Protector:

Minumum: $2,000

Maximum: $30,000

Ultra Protector I: Not available in  AL, MS, NY, VT, WA.

Issue Ages 50-85

Ultra Protector II: Not available in AL, MS, NY, VT, WA.

Issue Ages 50-80

Ultra Protector III: Not available in AL, AR, MA, MN, MS, MT, NY, PA, VT, WA. Maximim face value $10,000. Year 4 100% of face amount. Accidental Death Benefit Provision included.



Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Coverage for Children and Grandchildren

Accelerated Benefit for Terminal Illness


General Life Products: Simplified issue with no blood or urine up to $400,000 except for Preferred.

Advantage WL

LifeCrest UL

Lifetime Legacy UL

Simplified Issue Term

HMS Payment Protector-Mortgage protection event of a death paid in monthly income payments to protect their mortgage payments.


Variable Index WL

Product Description

Rider Explanations:


Accidental Death Benefit Rider: 

For Ultra Protector I and II. Provides an additional benefit if the insured dies as a result of an accidental bodily injury within 90 days of the injury.


Coverage for Children and Grandchildren:

Provides term life insurance coverage on eligible children and grandchildren. Coverage amount ranges from $1,000 to
$5,000 and lasts to the Insured’s age 65 or the child’s age 23, whichever is earlier.


Accelerated Benefit for Terminal Illness:

For Ultra Protector I and II. Payment Rider is included at no additional cost. If the insured is diagnosed with a qualified terminal illness that results in a life expectancy of 12 months or less (24 months orless in IL, MA, and TX).


Accidental Death Benefit Provision:

Included with Ultra Protector III at no additional cost. If death occurs as the result of accidental bodily injury in the first three years and
within 90 days of the injury, the full death benefit is payable.

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