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American General-AIG

AIG product line includes a Guarantee Issue, Term,  Universal Life, and Indexxed Universal Life. 


AIG Guaranteed issue comes with a 50% advance option available. Three year graded product. E & O is required. Chargebacks apply on death and lapse First 6 months 100% chargeback. Months 7-12 50% chargeback.  Death first year 100% chargeback. Death 2nd year 50% chargeback.

Applications are designed for simple, straight-through electronic sales and application process that you can sell over the phone. the completed application is emailed to the customer for them to approve and send directly to the carrier. 

AIG rates are very good put up against modified and graded rates of some of the other companies.

Social Security number required. Payment options include ACH, Social Security debt card, and credit card.

Not Available in ME, NY, or PA. Is available in AK and HI.

Guarantee Issue:

Face Amount: $5,000 to $25,000

Ages: 50-85 (ALB)

Year 1 & 2=110% of premium paid

Year 3-Full Face Amount

Chronic Illness Acceleration Benefit and Terminal Illness Benefit included.

Insured must be the owner

Other products:

Many options for Term products

Excellent UL and IUL products.

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